Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Beeline to Success! ... Entry by Prachi Shukla, NITIE Mumbai

Success is a story of trials and beliefs,
Not measured in dollars but the length of your reach
How far will the travel is not up to me,
Your dream once untraveled, are your future to be
Success is a discipline you must embrace,
To leave your mark on human race
For the road is rough, the journey is long,
And life can play a bitter song
And life is a hard master, we don’t deny
The rewards are only for those who try
For those who don’t or wont or cheat,
A crueler master you will meet
Your future is a choice, so make up your mind,
Time stand not still, for all mankind
The passing moment, your jewels to treasure, 
So live your dreams, a life to pleasure

1 comment:

  1. Fantabulous.. Nice poem Shukla Ma'm..
    -Vikrant Dubey