Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Stalingrad! ... Entry by Ak​shay Chopde​, MDI Gurga​on

A single tap in two steps, Managed to reach the shelf 
Amazed he watched weapon of his time, He can’t sell it for a quarter or a dime

Some pictures on wall showed, Explains the past to behold
Then the people got harmed, He, his brother got armed

Radio static played heard a noise, Tuned that thing felt the poise 
It’s a call from your motherland; you got a situation to mend 

Soldier fight to death, War activated on world’s stage 
He felt like puppet, A character from Macbeth

α, β, θ assigned the position, Bullets to one, a gun to one 
Run to front turning back none, Doesn’t matters you have a wife or son

How a name became a condition defamed 
Running for survival numb & lame 
Don’t bring your country to shame 
Wolf over the place we need to claim

Gunpowder was the only thing fed 
Crossed the Volga & tinted it red 
Don’t lose your soul someone said 
It’s a debt to motherland you paid

A bullet shot hit his leg, His world turned upside down 
Vision started to fade, Thought he was sold in the trade 

He woke up with a sneeze, Heard ‘we won the battle’ 
A breeze done the freeze, He said to nurse “water please”

He asked for his brothers, both were a martyr now 
Died fighting at Kurgan, Questions muted in dark silence 
A tear trickled down his cheek, He remained mum and meek 
The place where they enjoyed bears their corpse decayed

Now he is old with his life on last fold 
He shuts the door of untold past 
Crossed the fields in summer & falls 
To salute the bravery of his brothers at 
The Motherland Calls...

About the poem: The poem is about a soldier who fought for Russia in WW II. He reminisces over the war memories and mulls over what he lost. It is work of fiction inspired by real events.

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