Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Princess & a Prince! ... Entry by Atif ul Islam, IIM Rohtak

In a virtual dreamland, one fine night,
While exploring a potential Queen,
Prince had a "love at first sight",
With a princess named "Jasmin",
But the princess, had an unlike pine,
Of settling across seven Niles,
As being away from her sisters,
She was feeling, as if, exiled,
Hence the prince was vanquished,
But never flipped his pine,
Longing and yearning for love,
He seeked for help : Divine,
His Supplications were bestowed upon,
As Princess transposed her mind,
And hence an immortal bond,
They both espoused to bind,
Never they knew, that both the Kings,
Were oppungers since birth,
And a tryst amidst two nations,
Is never going to work,
With no option at bay,
Twain were left in a quagmire,
And they had to do away with,
Their amorous burning desire,
Though they were cleaved,
But they had actualized their goal,
Now they subsist as two entities,
Perching in a single SOUL...