Tuesday, 30 October 2012

A Tribute! ... Entry by Parikshit Kapila, IIM Udaipur

We call him GOD, He has got the power
Ohh! SACHIN, Ohh! SACHIN... Thnx for the runs u shower

U started ur career with a series of records
With ur splendid shots, u make bowlers feel short

First series in Pakistan, u thrashed the ball
Every1 accepted , u r above all.

U went to England, showed exquisite timing
Can't think of anything else rhyming

Then first century came, u saved the test
V all say, that it was one of the best.

Ur era was growing, and I was growing too
Was excited abt wat I wil be a witness to.

U lived upto expectations, did more than the rest
World never had any doubt, that u r better then the best.

U gave me reasons to smile, U gave me tears of Joy
U made CRICKET my PASSION, when I was just a boy.

My heart beat goes up, with each ball u face
Each of ur shot is full of elegance n grace.

U terrorise the bowlers, U hit them with flair
Warney sees u in dreams, accepts u r a nightmare.

V just name it, U wil brake that record
Brett Lee no more has his 6 strings, U have broken his chord.

CADDICK opened his mouth, U slapped him hard
Even Shoaib fears to bowl, when u take gaurd.

SIr Don Bradman admired u, Only u belong to his class
V all r sure, each record u will surpass.

Injuries took toll, many said u r down n out
U came back with a bang,Though I never had any doubt.

I wish to meet u someday, It wil b a dream come true
V wil talk CRICKET, And will hav a cup of Bru.

I end this now ,with a prayer to GOD
May he bless u with a great life, and an UNBEATABLE RECORD.

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