Tuesday, 30 October 2012

HeartBreak ... Entry by Vasudev, IIFT Delhi

What do you see, child?
Your perception, please share.
You feign indifference, but don't lie,
A withered tree, a broken chair?

How can it still stand?
No ground beneath its feet?
What renders its existence,
So whole yet so incomplete?
Come closer, come near child,
Why is the sky so ghastly grey?
What stokes the embers of your desire,
And you create a picture so bitterly bare?

Look! Your hand clutches a shard of glass
And it screams without a sound.
But it doesn't cut you, does it?
Perhaps you are pure, unbound.
It stares now at a chest, laid open
Remember, you once possessed the golden key.
What did you trade it for?
Doesn't it have everything you need?

I forbid you to stay now.
It mustn’t catch a glimpse, a whisper.
Did you see what I wanted?
Can you forgive or will you forbear?
And as my companion leaves,
I ponder over the unanswered question,
In the shattered fragments of a ruby mirror,
Through bitter teardrops, sight never so clear,
Trying to conjure my future's reflection.

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