Tuesday, 30 October 2012

And the prisoner set free(?) ... Entry by Abhishek Kumar IIM,Lucknow

Tormented by own mind
the thing which set him aside
captive of the body thee gave ,
sometime the birth he regrets

world with rights and passage and ways

'the freewill' my search goes on and away
oh yes i live to fade away, a serene journey
the prisoner of the bars he rose high,
ground is where he stays

yet he finds joy in prison of his

his memories and pains and smiles and disdains
of family and friends he sings

oh sweet mother!, says he' have me in your arms

oh sweet girl! Kiss me for i desire your love
my father brave make me thou image
and oh great friends let's have a laugh till end'

saw the world and happiness inside ,

questions but nag me, answer far as much I try
is this beauty part of sorrow??
of deep dark and hollowness that follows

for the sun without night i can't imagine

good without evil I never think is possible
just being paranoid or my own assassin ?
flying in prison as long as wings permit

green also are sites if some are burnt, thus hope a kindles always in hearth

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