Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Fake Victory! ... Entry by Ankit Yaduvanshi, IIFT

Here I now sit 
After the devastating war 
Soldiers were hit 
Freedom is what they died for.
The soldiers are all dead 
I, the general, am alone 
With all the stories said 
I feel hard as a stone.
There’s something I lack
I feel that I lost 
I cannot pay back 
That valuable cost
They call this outcome victory 
But I don’t see why 
They say this is honored history 
But that is a lie.
Am I worthy? 
Of being worshiped? 
The only wound that hurt me 
Was when I had tripped
Soldiers are the real heroes 
Who died for their country 
Their audacity shows 
That I was a baby
Here I now sit 
Having no wit 
Here I lay 
With all the vicissitudes of the day

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