Wednesday, 31 October 2012

To have met you after a while! ... Entry by Fizaah Mullah, WLC College India Mumbai

I met you after a few years,
Of what I called the final "Break up",
You still looked the same,
A fool and a jerk, who still made my heart melt.

I was a girl of 16, when we first met,
You were all grown up a gentleman of 18,
The first time I saw you,I
almost fell a step and there you were to catch me instead.

You always said, "It was love at first sight for you"
I never confessed, but for me too,
With enough courage, you finally asked me out,
And that’s how we soon became a couple.

For a few years everything went on well,
Then you realized you also had a family to care,
I couldn’t wait anymore longer,
I had to move on and marry some one else.

I did meet you one last time,
You tried to show you were really not concerned,
You told me how you didn’t care,
But your eyes gave you away.

Now years later, I met you at my sons wedding,
They say, you never married,
I really don’t want to put the blame on me,
But I lost my husband, do you think that was my punishment?

You very calmly walked by my side,
As if everything was just like before,
You suddenly asked me out again,
To lunch as well as dinner.

As I write this, you are getting ready your vows,
I guess life does give some people a second chance,
And when one does,
I say, "Grab it with both your arms".

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