Monday, 29 October 2012

Forgive Me! ... Entry by Gudakesh Kumar, IIM Udaipur

Forgive me
for your hate isn't something I can take
my feelings for you were never fake.

Forgive me
for my emotions never knew how to behave
they always spoiled the trance of the perfect octave.
Forgive me
for I could never be a friend to you
The stupid heart always envisaged a beau.

Forgive me
for without you I am all alone
herein lies a void, only if it could be shown.

Forgive me

for 'I love you' isn't just a line
it’s a compendium of my emotions, left unbound by time.

Forgive me

for without you my nights are blue
staring at the crescent moon, all I can ever think of is you.

Forgive me

for with you inside, I was never alone
I brazenly faced the world, to which I now fall prone.

Forgive me

for hard hitting is the pain of seeing you walk away
I wish I could somehow make you stay.

Forgive me
for I don't understand when you say 'move on'
the imprints on my soul can no longer be redrawn.

Forgive me
for "you know me inside out" is all I can say
to regain your trust my lady, any price I am ready to pay.

Forgive me
for I want to hold you once again
just to reinstate the belief that I am still sane.

Forgive me
for all I beg for is one last try
the last chance before you turn away and say goodbye.

Forgive me

for I can't stop loving you
It’s something that I will always do.

Forgive me…