Wednesday, 31 October 2012

I can’t but I can... Entry by Shruti Bathia, DMS IIT Delhi

I cannot count those hours, when there was none to wipe my tear 
I cannot measure the pain when I was drowned in dread and fear 
I cannot convey the disappointment of being let down 
I cannot express the envy of seeing others beam, while I frown 
I cannot weigh that feeling when failure slapped hard on my face 
I cannot explain the deep regret when I lost someone I can never replace 

How I yearn – to revert, revive and relive......Sigh 
Those moments are lost, those opportunities - gone astray 
Some things never come back, no matter how hard we pray 
Those yester days - I couldn’t prevent, 
Know it is possible to now cure my present 
I can learn to jump over all my obstacles 
I can learn to overtake my dilemmas and troubles 
I can learn to run for the finishing line 
I can learn to believe “All is going to be fine” 
I can learn to climb all the hard-hitting steps 
I can learn to swim in the deepest of depths 
I can learn to smile, I can learn to give 
I can learn to die I can learn to live 
I can learn to have faith in whatever I do 
Whatsoever I learn.. I can teach you too

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