Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Meeting with a Wolf... Entry by Aditya Akhauri, MICA

On that lonely road, he walked alone,
By the side of the path stood a wolf, 
Dark it was, like the night, 
Its form was like, the devil’s profile, 
Satan himself, sat in its eyes, 
It bared its fangs and gave a smile. 
“Thou lonely stranger are my meal, 
I will tear you to shreds to have a feast.” 
As it stood its ground Judas came by, 
And, offered a drink to save his life. 
“Thou lonely stranger have a choice, 
Take this drink and save thy life. 
What good it is to save your morals? 
You can’t stay alive without having some.” 
To this the wolf sneered and sighed, 
Flashed a grin and said with a smile, 
“Take the drink thou lonely stranger, 
Save thy body, become mine forever, 
Today you can, stay alive, 
But one day, you have to die. 
In the fires of hell, then you will burn, 
For the eternal time, that’s yet to come.” 
His blood ran cold, his heart died, 
The choices were there, yet he cried, 
Should he choose eternal life? 
Should he love what he had tonight? 
Sniggered Judas and laughed the wolf, 
For all their purpose they were one. 
His mind went numb, his tongue dried, 
With every moment, his soul cried. 
He knew not, what he had to do, 
Was eternal suffering, really a truth? 
Or should he consider, what he had, 
Have a sip and party today? 
Fate was playing the cruelest game, 
Giving a choice that none can make. 
Eternal suffering or today’s pain, 
Given a choice that none can make.

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