Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Let me say True... Entry by Sudheer Kangala, IIM Rohtak

Let me say true,"I MISS YOU"
Let me say true,"I WANT YOU"
Let me say true,"I LIKE YOU"
Let me say true,"I AM YOU"

I have nothing,
but everything of mine is you
I have everything,
but nothing in absence of you

I'm not good at writing,
but can describe you to the world
I'm not good at rhyming,
but became a poet thinking of you

You are my ecstacy,cause my happiness is in you
You are my victory,cause the meaning of triumph is you
I wait in the porch thinking of you
My life is you,
cause my every second is spent in the dreams of you

You aren't beautiful,
but i can show you to the world as beautiful as i am not
I'm not good looking,but please abhor me not
Living in your absence is what I cannot

Though my words seem aardvark,
I dedicate this poem to you
cause the only reason "I LOVE YOU"

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