Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Revolution... Entry by Devansh Goyal, NITIE Mumbai

O thou revolution we invite u, 
to our great nation. 

Once we were enriched by our culture
there was peace n harmony 
and everyone lived together 
there are no golden birds around 
only money stashing monsters 
to be found. 
O thou revolution 
please stop by my nation 

we need no more inspiration
we have every reason for participation 
while majority of the people 
are poor and needy 
there r selected few 
who are increasingly becoming greedy 

o thou revolution
please be brutal and unforgiving 
on all the wrongdoers of this nation 

we have heard of great men
rising from this very land 
to fight against every evil omen 
we won’t let their effort go in vain 
we'll do everything required 
all along savoring the pain. 
O thou revolution 
please wake up the youth of this nation 
coz they are going to be 
the building blocks of a great foundation 

let them taste their own blood
let them fight their way 
thru the streets of this tyrant world 
let them prove themselves 
so that when they meet their fathers 
they could be as proud as them 
as beckoners of true freedom...


  1. real good1 Devansh..every word holds the strength and essence of this poem..thumbs up :)

  2. Ekologisk hudvård ,använder traditionell grekisk visdom och blandar det bästa av vad naturen.