Monday, 29 October 2012

Perfect Businessman! ... Entry by Mahesh Toshniwal, N L Dalmia Institute of Management studies and Research, Mumbai

To run in the rain and to forget the Pain,
He does it all to get his family a Grain.
Working day and night despite the Strain,
Dealing with people and things Insane.

Swerving the mind and moulding the Brain,
He does it all to win a fruitful Gain.
Works with running nose or with Sprained Muscle,
And never does he empty his anger Vessel.

To do is to die and he dies every Day,
He sets short goals and achieves those come what May.
Working with unskilled people screws his Head,
But he manages all of them without being Dread.

Different people from different breed are his Mates,
Open are forever his transactional Gates.
Whole day he rugs with even his lunch at the same Place,
Employees suffer wear and tear working at that same Pace.

Switches his mood as per the need of Time,
According to him dishonesty is a grievance Crime.
To serve his customers is his prime Objective,
Provision of quality for what he’s core Subjective.

People call him miser but he calls himself Economical,
And he designs his life on a graph only Vertical.
He plans progress and he sees monetary Gain,
He knows the trick very well to convert one into Ten.

He maintains all relations in spite of his Task,
And during the crisis he wears a smiling Mask.
He finds time to call his wife when being Busy,
He asks about her meals, the kids and dog Suzy.

He manages time, people and money, all the elements so Well,
And gets back home leaving stress in office to Dwell.
He learns from his mistakes as far as he Can,
The world calls this great person a Perfect BUSINESSMAN.

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