Monday, 29 October 2012

'Redemption' - Entry by Sahil Wadhwa, IIM Rohtak

Walking down the dark road loneliness engulfs me
Driven I am by the world of greed and hostility

Frustrated I am of all the rivalries and duels
Exhausted, enervated and devoid of all the fuels

Suddenly I don’t see in life any meaning
These fake riches and glamour are just for an instant appealing

Love, affection and emotion sucked out
My mind is full of cobwebs of dilemma and doubt

Something is amiss in this plethora of success
Doesn’t feel like doing anything but digress

Just when I think I have to forever end it
A divine white light appears amidst horizon fully lit

I can hear it say "O Son, don’t lose way
Realise your virtues and don’t let them sway

Demolish inside you the present devil
For eventually it’s the good that overpowers the evil".