Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Silence! ... Entry by Aanchal Saxena, IIM Rohtak

Like those flowers, I'll bloom.
Like that bird, I'll zoom.
Like the daylight, I'll be awake
And get away from this gloom.

Its not easy, its killing me.
Every moment is pain, I can't see
Anything clearly, I've lost belief.
It seems that life won't just let me be.

I'm struggling, I'm crawling
Through the abyss, I'm falling.
Maybe suddenly, I'll stop,
Or maybe I'll keep drowning.

There's no one now, to save me.
No one here, to hold me back,
I'm alone here, but not lonely.
I'm trying to get my life back on track.

Fingers pointing, that long silence,
People react, and that hurts as well.
But slowly I'll become immune,
And then I'll have a story to tell.

About how I got up, and now I stand.
How I managed, without a helping hand.
How failure taught me hard work,
And now its my success that makes me grand.

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