Monday, 29 October 2012

The Unfollowed path! ... Entry by Anurag Gupta, IIM Indore

Grab ahoy! the first hold,
alone on the untreaded, tread on..,
lays your destiny its subtle steps,
for long in your slumber it has drawn..

Dread not the splinters on the way,
hardly do they pierce deep..,
aware you are, of the road at length,
you’ve carved it in your sleep..

“A cul-de-sac”, its called by the clique,
there’s nothing more futile they say..,
the denunciation, oh! its amusing,
luster you behold beyond the fray..

The path is at large picturesque,
positive perspective here, seals the deal..,
enthralling so is the destination,
adversities as many, let the road reveal..

The scattered sunrays mark its daytime,
crafting shadows where the trees intrude..,
mystical lights ornament the night,
dancing across the surface, they elude..

Your peers, still are loath,
wedge, their feet may, in the swamp..,
fret no bar for the intrepid,
lotuses, you foresee, after the tramp..

Grab ahoy! the first hold,
alone on the unfollowed, forge on,
honor... yes, glory! awaits the inventor,
your reverie, on a canvas, been drawn..

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