Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Try! ... Entry by Priyamvada Singh, IIM Rohtak

Try to go back to the days when..
We could stare the moon for hours...
Try to get hold of the moments when
We used to sit together in a calm night...

When we used to share that pink cloudy candyfloss..
When we used to brush our hands, just so nobody notices..
That crimson smile used to make your day...
That peck on the cheek used to make me blush.. !

When writing letters used to make us come close..
When little nothings used to want each other even more..
That petal of red rose which dried in my book..
Still smells the same...still lingers with your love.. !

Try to bring back those moments , When we lived the most...
Try to keep it forever...No matter how hard it is...

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