Monday, 29 October 2012

Memories! ... Entry by Himan​shu Verma, IIFT Delhi

Sitting underneath a clear evening sky
When I see the white fallen snow
I deem it has a lesson to say, it seems it has a lesson to say
You tread the path but your steps will remain.

As the days go by and time fades away
I try to recapture the old joyful days
But, here comes the fog of forgetfulness
And tries to put my life in darkness

But wait! As I see the sunshine through the clouds
It brings back the glow of those pleasant times
Some faces look back at me…
And remind me of the laughter and good company.

I never thought of such a life
Made few friends for a lifetime
I hope I can buy those priceless moments and keep them forever
Alas, the time and experiences cannot be bought whatsoever

I say we’ll keep in touch
But, life is a not as such
New things will come in our way
And, the fleeting memories will fade away

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