Monday, 29 October 2012

You Are The Devil ……. Entry by Ujjawal Sharma, IMT Ghaziabad

You have an illusion , of having no pretentions , no apprehensions
But remember the Devil , There is always an end to assumptions

My pen is writing the bitter truth of your lie
and now it will not stop until i die

You are the reason for my traumatic condition
An end to your answers , and end to my question!!

You Created a Mirage all around my world

But I grew up and broke it , Ohhh Devil

I pity on you and your fakeness is broken
The girl is grown up and not playing with the love token

I was trapped in the Unknown web of spider
I was paralysed and no long a rider

Dont you dare read this and say I am a Pessimist
I have known it all , and i am not a Saddist

Your Memories will fade like colour in sun
And Someone will bring again some more fun

I say it , to hurt you , to get you to the pain
So that your devilness shall wash away in rain

I assumed you to be my dream , my wish , my lover
Though you were in reality the Silent Killer

Hey Devil ,I will ,Yes I will Break your Vicious Circle
Just to make you see me dancing with some one else IN PURPLE.