Monday, 29 October 2012

Nature , I found you in me ... Entry by Kshama Adka, Goa Institute of Management

Sauntering along the countryside
Different hues of green
Tickling my senses, making them keen
And I realise there are no rules nature abides

I begin to ponder and slowly wonder

As I travel the ceaseless length
Listening to the sounds, gathering up my strength
Getting uncontrollably fonder

I pick up speed and begin to run

Wishing I’ll catch her in all her beauty
How could I? She’s the intangible earth, keeping my sanity
She makes it revolve around her, the mighty sun

Withholding the power of wind, water and fire

Simply swaying and making the rest dance to her tune
She makes it revolve around her, the mighty moon
Gives herself away, making her the pyre

Forgive me, oh ethereal being, for I have taken you for granted

Cause I never realised, your presence in me so grounded.

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