Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Stages of Life! ... Entry by Anantha Lakshmi, SSN SoMCA, Chennai

The world seemed new,
When people around were few.

He was scary to take the 1st step,
It was said that a milestone starts by taking the 1st step.

The 1st day of school turned out bad,
I cried and also made everyone around sad.

10th and 12th was said to be difficult,
But the last exam's few minutes was difficult.

Friends had plans and had to depart,
But the memories never kept us apart.

College life was a new life for fun,
Friends were also ready for this fun.

Cultural, bunking and semester were the memories,
Later emotions were brought out thinking these memories.

3yrs passed only with one aim,
Motive was achieving the aim.

Working was an option after college,
Another choice is to continue study in another college.

Time passed marriage topic came up,
The time or sharing and giving happiness had come.

Things were different after marriage,
It resulted in a happy marriage.

Getting old was nothing new,
Children taking care of you were very few.

True love was something important,
This age seemed important.

Think about your loved one in the end,
As it s your last breath and your world comes to an end.

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