Tuesday, 30 October 2012

The Day Seems Decades Ago! ... Entry by Anmol Chopra, IIFT New Delhi

On a glum summer day,
When I was tired and exhausted,
An angel walked in,
Carrying a spell of magic, and
All the dolour evaresced.

When I was down,
The circumstances made me kneel,
She casted her spell again,
To help me abjure all that pain, and
All the dolour evaresced.

Then came a day,
The sky was cast,
In a territory far north,
The sun shone occasionally,
In the midst of all,
There I stood ensnarled by her.

We laughed, we talked,
We ate and drank,
How good it may be,
The day was as gloomy as the weather.

A month later,
As the sun set and the mercury dipped,
I confessed to her,
The thought that wriggled my mind for long,
I wished to make her mine, forever more.

She has made me wait,
I can wait for her,
For the sake of all good men,
Who say that patience is the virtue to all success,
And also for the sake of my love.

Six months ago,
I met that Angel,
But now, the day seems decades ago.

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